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Sarolta Cseh

+36 30 6381 890

Dear Guests,
Welcome on my page!

I am Sarolta, a licensed tour guide, living in Budapest. I have moved to the capital 2 years ago, and every moment I spend in the city center amaze me, and I am sure, it will amaze you as well! Before moving to Budapest, I lived in Denmark for 5 years, I finished 2 colleges there, and also my MA degree in Tourism. At summer time, I work in Turkey as a representative tour guide, and in the rest of the year I welcome guests in Budapest, or take outbound tours with Hungarians. 2 years is just enough to discover the beautiful sights, interesting museums, relaxing baths, entertaining pubs, fine restaurants and cultural events. But Budapest is so much more than that!

Come with me and let’s explore the city together! All the wishes and the program is up on you, I can help you with suggestions 🙂