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Krisztina Karádi

Hi :), my name is Krisztina and I live in Budapest for more than 30 years. I moved to here from Miskolc (it is a town situated 180 km from our capital to the north-east) when I was 14 years old because of the table-tennis. At that time, during the communism it was a special thing if you were an athlete because this way you had got the opportunity to travel. This way began my love to know new cultures, lifestyles and of course people who think differently but still in certain respects almost in the same way.

So, since then much time has passed, I am already a mother, my daughter is 20 years old, and already has started the University, but I have not changed almost anything at all. Even today I like travelling, I like living healthy (it is remained from my sport past J), and I am interested in the different cultures and people. But the only thing which has changed a lot is that meantime I have fallen in love in Budapest and my country.

My love story with this city started when I got a job in the tourism after working at some various fields of work here and abroad, too. Immediately I felt that it was for me. I began seeing Budapest with a different eye and realized that the city wins your heart even more if you get to know it even better – its past, its faces, its atmosphere day and night. It is really a charming city with its vividness and diversity and it is developing from day to day even today.

Come and discover Budapest and its surroundings with me and then enjoy yourself during your whole holiday in this exciting, bustling metropolis, which is called nowadays as the “Paris of the east” and „the city of spas”.